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    _Would you travel the ancient roads? Would you walk those unseen pathways between the dusk and the dawn? Would you dare to seek your fortune in the Summer Lands? If so, be warned; though your courage may stand tall as you enter onto the Starlight Paths …

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    h2. Table of contents h3. [[Rules]] [[Wounds and Vigor]] - [[Massive Damage]] - [[Hero and Luck Points]] - [[Feats]] - [[Dancing the veil]] h3. [[People]] [[PCs]] - [[NPCs]] - [[Nobles]] - [[Commoners]] - [[Champion]] - [[Villains]] h3. [[ …

  • Bardic Lore

    _Touch the wooden gate in the wall you never saw before._ _Say "please" before you open the latch, go through, walk down the path._ _A red metal imp hangs from the green-painted front door, as a knocker, do not touch it; it will bite your …

  • Knowledge Arcana

    Common Knowledge: * Annwyn is a magical realm that exists beyond the constraints of time or place. * Annwyn can be reached through a magical portal * The Denizens of Annwyn are often magical in nature

  • Knowledge History

    Common Knowledge: * In ages past the denizens of Annwyn could cross into this realm without impunity.

  • Knowledge Nobility

    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/254308/Charles_Vess.jpg?1383152485(Charles_Vess.jpg)! h3. Common Knowledge: h4. Annwyn is Ruled by one of two courts, the Seelie and the Unseelie The Seelie court is good and the Unseelie …

  • Knowledge Planes

    h4. *Common Knowledge:* * The realms of fey exist beyond our own and can be reached through the ancient gates. * The denizens of are all magical * The denizens of fey are all vulnerable to cold iron

  • Things

    * [[The Ancient Gates]] * [[Time]]

  • The Ancient Gates

    A remnant of the [[Age of Song]], these ancient portals allow transportation between Annwyn and Arda. After the [[Twilight War]], most of the gates were destroyed and the remainder were transformed so that only select bloodlines could activate them in …

  • Unseelie Court

    The Unseelie Court is one of the major political factions in Annwyn

  • People

    Player Characters NPCs Lords of the Ulin Sidhe Lords of the Adrin Sidhe

  • Nobles

    h4. *Lords of the Ulinsidhe* h4. *Lords of the Ilinsidhe* * [[Biera, the Lady of Sorrows]] * [[Isindarian, Shadow Lord of the Ilinsidhe]] * [[Quisarria, Empress of the Ilinsidhe]]

  • Wounds and Vigor

    In Annwyn combat is both more heroic but it is also more dangerous. Heroes can battle longer, performing amazing martial feat and yet, they are more likely to fall to a single blow. h4. *Wounds and Vigor* To represent the more heroic, more dynamic …

  • Massive Damage

    h4. *Massive Damage* Some injuries are so serious that they can cause a shock to the system. If a character takes damage in excess of their Massive Damage Threshold, they must make a Massive Damage Check. *Massive Damage Threshold* = Con + Level * …

  • Hero and Luck Points

    *Hero Points:* a character can have hero points up to their level. * Hero points grant a +20 to all skill checks for a round Each character begins play with 1 hero point, regardless of her level. In addition, whenever a character gains a …

  • Feats

    h4. *Deathless Initiate (Combat)* _For you, impending death is a call to wrath._ *Prerequisites:* Str 13, Con 13, Diehard, Endurance, base attack bonus +6, orc or half-orc. *Benefit:* You are not staggered when your wound points reach your wound …

  • Knowledge Religion DC10

    [[Annwyn]] is a distinctly different plane of existence from [[Arda]] and this division is not only physical but meta physical as well. Being removed from Ara also means being further removed from the Gods of Arda as well. While divine magic has …

  • Special Materials vs the Undead

    *Alchemical Silver:* Bypasses the damage reduction of creatures such as lycanthropes but does not have the properties of true silver vs the undead *Amber:* Bypasses the damage reduction of creatures whose soul is suspended in the horrors of undeath such …