Wounds and Vigor

In Annwyn combat is both more heroic but it is also more dangerous. Heroes can battle longer, performing amazing martial feat and yet, they are more likely to fall to a single blow.

Wounds and Vigor
To represent the more heroic, more dynamic combat in Annwyn we will be using the Wounds and Vigor optional combat system from Ultimate combat

Determining Wound Points and Vigor Points
Instead of hit points, creatures number of wound points and vigor points.
  • Vigor Points represents a creature’s ability to avoid the majority of actual physical damage it might take from an attack.
  • Wound Points represent the amount of actual physical damage you can sustain.
Vigor Points

When a creature takes damage, the damage typically reduces its vigor points first. Some special attacks either deal wound point damage directly or deal both vigor and wound point damage (see Critical Hits).

When a creature no longer has any vigor points, any additional damage it takes reduces its wound point total.

Wound Points
  • Wound Points = 2 x Cons Score
  • Wound Threshold = Con Score
  • If you suffer damage equal to your wound threshold, you are considered wounded.

When a creature is wounded, it gains the staggered condition until it is no longer wounded. Furthermore, when a creature is wounded, if that creature takes any standard or move action on its turn, its remaining wound points are reduced by 1 and it must make a DC 10 Constitution check. If the creature fails that check, it falls unconscious.

When a creature reaches 0 or fewer wound points, it is dead.

Constitution Damage, Drain, and Penalties:
A creature’s wound points and Constitution score are intrinsically linked. For each point of Constitution damage a creature takes, it loses 2 wound points, but this damage does not affect the creature’s wound threshold. When a creature takes a penalty to its Constitution score or its Constitution is drained, it loses 1 wound point per point of drain or per penalty for the duration of the penalty or drain. A penalty to Constitution or Constitution drain has no effect on the creature’s wound threshold.

Regaining Wound Points and Vigor Points
A creature can regain wound and vigor points in a number of ways, but in general it is easier to regain vigor points.

Healing Spells and Effects:

  • When casting healing spells or using an ability with a healing effect, the caster must choose whether it wants to heal wound points or vigor points. The creature decides this before casting the spell or using the ability.

Healing vigor points: the healing spell or effect acts normally, replenishing a number of vigor points equal to the number of hit points the spell or effect would normally heal.
Healing wound points: The Healing spell or effect heals a number of wound points equal to the number of dice it would normally roll

A Heal spell: heals 10 hit points per caster level, or the caster level in wound points. Rest: After a full night’s rest (8 hours of sleep or more), regains all its vigor points and 1 wound point. If there is a significant interruption during a rest, the creature regains neither wound points nor vigor points. If a creature undergoes complete bed rest for an entire day, it regains half its level in wound points and all its vigor points.

Restoration and Similar Effects: When a creature regains Constitution points by way of the restoration spell or a similar effect, that creature regains 2 wound points for every Constitution point regained. Relieving a Constitution penalty or Constitution drain regains any wound points that were lost from that penalty or drain.

Attacks That Deal Wound Point Damage
Some attacks can be used to deal wound points damage directly.

Critical Hits:
When a creature is subject to a critical hit, the critical hit deals the damage normally, reducing vigor points first, and then reducing wound points when vigor points are gone. It also deals an amount of wound point damage equal to its critical multiplier (for example, 3 wound points for a weapon with a ×3 modifier), on top of any wound point damage the creature might take from the critical hit.

Negative Energy Damage:
When a creature deals negative energy damage to a creature with a spell or effect, it can choose to deal wound point or vigor point damage (but not both) with the spell or effect. If that creature chooses to deal vigor point damage, the spell or effect deals negative energy damage normally, and that damage reduces vigor points only, even if it deals more damage than the target has vigor points. If the spell or effect deals negative energy damage to wound points directly, it deals an amount of wound point damage equal to the number of dice the creature would roll for that effect; if the effect deals a number of points per caster level (such as the harm spell), it deals a number of wound points equal to the caster level of the spell.

Other Considerations
The following are a few other considerations to take into account when using the wounds and vigor system.

Temporary Hit Points:
When a creature would normally gain temporary hit points, it gains temporary vigor points instead. When that creature takes damage, it loses these temporary vigor points first. If an attack deals damage to wound points only, these temporary vigor points are not lost.

Nonlethal Damage:
When a creature takes nonlethal damage, it takes that damage in vigor points only, even if the attack deals more damage than the creature has vigor points. If the creature has no vigor points (and no temporary vigor points), each time that creature takes damage from an attack that deals nonlethal damage, it takes either 1 wound point of damage, or in the case of a critical hit, it takes damage equal to the attacks critical multiplier.

Spells or Effects with Hit Point Triggers:
If a spell or an ability has an effect that occurs when you reduce a creature to 0 or fewer hit points (such as the disintegrate spell), that effect is instead triggered when a creature is wounded. In the case of the harm spell or a similar effect where a creature cannot be reduced below 1 hit point by the spell or effect, a creature’s wound points cannot be reduced to or below that creature’s wound threshold.

Wounds and Vigor

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