Would you travel the ancient roads? Would you walk those unseen pathways between the dusk and the dawn? Would you dare to seek your fortune in the Summer Lands? If so, be warned; though your courage may stand tall as you enter onto the Starlight Paths, Annwyn is not like the world you know.

Whether you come through one of the Ancient Portals or by some long forgotten byway, it matter not. The journey to Annwyn is fraught with peril, stray from your path and you’ll be lost forever in the times between. There are those who would seek to lead you astray, resist them, beware their honey words. For you go where fair can be foul and foul is oft fair, avoid the deceptive dream.

Annwyn’s glories exceed any of the mortal realms. The air is cleaner, the days brighter, the colors more vibrant. The heroes here do deeds unsurpassed by those who live in Arda. With each dawn, the world is born anew with endless possibility and boundless promise. The only true limit is the courage of your soul.

For over sixty years the Ilinsidhe have dominated the Silver Council and Quisarria, Queen of the Twilight Shadows has reigned as Empress from the Throne of Autumn. The Ulansidhe have retreated to their ancient strongholds to weather out the storm and prepare themselves for the return of Spring. They wait, they hope and the dread the coming winter.

This epoch has become known as the Lost Winter for the land has been wracked with a chilling autumn that has no end. Cool temperatures and deep frosts have held the land hostage for generations without the promise of Spring while the threat of winter has loomed like a threatening shadow.

On those rare occasions where it seems as if spring or summer reigns, a dark price of blood, horror or despair is tallied. There is no more costly penalty than that of false hope.

Even so, as joy always holds the seeds of dismay, so too lay the promise of hope unbidden in the darkest night. Those who still hold their dream dear, have heard whispers that Biera, the Lady of Sorrows whose Hoarfrost Guard who have terrorized Dyrvn have been haunting Arda in search of the Ylapar. After years of failure, their efforts have finally borne fruit but at a high cost.

The winds whisper in the night, when only the desperate listen that Kytil Silver Blade, the Terror of Agda Dor, the merciless slayer of Mantayr the Black, undefeated master of the Dragon’s Tear was slain.

The merest rumor of such a thing would bring a smile to the most jaded of the Ulansidhe. If whisper be truth than a struggle will arise between the Empress Quisarria and Queen Biera To the Ulansidhe, any conflict within the Silver Council would be cause for joy.

The fact that the Hoarfrost Legion returned without their vaunted champion, is viewed by some as the first sign of the Days of Change.

Then came the news that Heroes from Arda have come in pursuit of the Ylapar, that they have crossed the twilight paths and now would seek to shatter Biera’s grasp, freeing Annwyn from nightmare of the endless autumn. Those who have lived too long beneath the coppered mantle of despair have begun to ask themselves if the Veri Ravich will renew their quest to regain the lost icons of their order. Will they again patrol the wild ways, bringing light into the darkness, hope to the forgotten and dismay to the wicked.

Annwyn: Dreams of Winter Lost